139 Vly Road,

​Albany, NY • 12205

Appointments are telehealth appointments unless otherwise specified by your provider. If your provider specified your appointment to be in-person, please be advised of our new policies:

1. Call 518-608-4271 upon arrival to the parking lot and choose option 3 for a directory of names to reach your provider.

2. Leave a message or speak directly with your provider to indicate your arrival. If you leave a message, please wait in the parking lot for a return call from your provider.

3. Your provider will administer a brief COVID-19 phone screening tool and, upon favorable outcome, will invite you to exit your vehicle to meet at the front door of the building (door remains locked). If you would like to preview the screening tool, please
click here.

4. Please wear a mask. Children over the age of 2 should also wear a mask. 

5. Your provider will invite you through the front door, require that you apply hand sanitizer (provided) upon arrival, and reinforce the use of a mask in common/hallway areas.

6.  Removal of masks is at provider discretion once you have entered your provider's office and at greater than 6 feet of distance from your provider.

7. If you have a copay, coinsurance or deductible associated with your insurance plan, those are due at the time of service. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our secretary or office manager at 518-608-4271. Thank you!​

Important COVID-19 Information 

We have a new home!​

Psychology Wellness Practice is now located at:

Providers Integrated for Health and Wellness

Providers are currently offering remote (telehealth) and/or provider designated in-person appointments. Please see the Safety Plan and Directions tab for more information or call us at 518-608-4271. ​​

​Contact phone number: 518-608-4271 

Contact email: reception@pwpractice.com